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Advanced Performance Saltwater Tackle

Sea Dragon Daisy Chain Teaser

Billfish Teasers

Dip, dive, splash, and chug.  This teaser works equally well from a flat cleat on a center console and from the teaser slot on your outrigger on your sportfishing boat.  We have pulled these all season long, tweaking the design to get it just right.  These teasers throw off amazing action, flash, and commotion and look just like a school of bite-sized treats to any billfish or large tuna.

Built strong with 400lb mono main line and 400lb limbs.  A large 750lb coast lock snap swivel trails so you can add a predatory teaser to the end for added attraction and to keep the baits firmly planted in the water.

*Custom configurations available upon request

Split Ring Pliers

  • Heavy-duty pliers open the largest split rings
  • Tungsten carbide cutter for PE and spectra lines (Will cut mono, but mono line will dull the cutter)
  • Lightweight aluminum alloy construction
  • Comes with sheath and lanyard
  • Spare tip for smaller split rings included
OTI Shield Decal

6in x 6in   $3.99

OTI Bumper Sticker

11in X 3.5in    $3.99

Tools and Accessories


Vinyl decals for your car, truck, or boat.