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Need help getting geared up for your next trip?  Use these tips and techniques that have been gathered from expert jigging and popping fisherman all over the world.


We will continually compile rigging tips, fishing strategies, and other tips that will help you keep your gear in top shape, be prepared for your next trip, and land a fish of a lifetime.  Feel free to email any questions or subjects you'd like to see in this section.

Saltwater Sportsman Magazine

(January 2011 edition)


A guide to fishing Panama's Hannibal Bank with Carter Andrews of Islas Secas Resort.

Sport Fishing Magazine

(December 2011 edition)


A guide to the biggest and bad-ass poppers.  How to choose and where to use them.

Rod Warranty

1 Year Limited Rod Warranty


Ocean Tackle International, Inc. (OTI) rods are covered by a warranty against defects in workmanship and materials for a time of one (1) year to the original purchaser.

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Sport Fishing Magazine

(December 2010 edition)


A guide to the biggest and bad-ass poppers.  How to choose and where to use them.

Rigging Tips and Techniques

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Trying to decide between a Tuna Sniper and an OceanXtreme and you don't know what the difference is?  Check out our charts comparing each of our different rod series.  We want you to get the correct rod the first time.  If you still can't decide, drop us a line or give us a call.  We are always here to help.

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Alternative Lure Rigging

Not just trying to fill the fish box?  Get your lures rigged correctly for targeting billfish, giant Bluefin tuna, or catch and release GTs.  Whatever your motivation, click here to get alternatives to your standard treble hooks.